Mark Bayford joined Robert Gerrard in 2014, bringing with him 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry, together with very specialist expertise in the niche areas of barristers’, land surveyors’ and print manufacturers’ cover.

Having worked with barristers’ chambers from the very beginning of his insurance career, Mark possesses a truly insightful understanding of the particular and complex needs in this area. Mark’s in-depth awareness of the particular issues faced by land surveyors is drawn from first-hand experience: Mark was himself a qualified land surveyor and worked in the sector for 15 years.

Good knowledge of Japanese business culture also places Mark well for taking care of the needs of larger companies in the technical manufacturing sector, another area that has played a major role in his career. Working with Mark, clients feel they can ask him anything, and always know he will go to any lengths to assist them.

Outside of work Mark is a dedicated fundraiser for the Meningitis Trust, the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK. From marathons and triathlons to all-day endurance races such as Race the Sun, it is clear to see that Mark is definitely NOT an armchair campaigner! Despite all of this, there is still time for family, with Mark citing helping his children with their homework amongst his favourite pastimes (which also include motorcycles, skiing, photography and cooking).

Getting to know Mark better …

Do you have any hidden talents?
I can crash a mountain bike without trying!

Who are your favourite music artists?
The Jam, Madness and Luther Vandross.

Name two things you dislike most.
Bad manners. That’s the behaviour, not the group.

What was your last holiday destination?
The South of France.

What country would you most like to visit and why?
Canada. It has everything from mountains to sunny beaches.

Tell us something interesting no one knows about you.
I got chased by wolves in Canada!