Keith Bacon has worked for Robert Gerrard since 1987. With a 30-year background in the shipping industry, he has developed a good insight into the world of commerce meaning he can deliver commercially sound advice on all aspects of business insurance.

Whilst Keith’s expertise covers all aspects of commercial insurance, he has particular specialist knowledge in professional indemnity, intellectual property and legal expenses insurance. Keith enjoys his work and has a distinctly positive attitude and friendly nature. He takes time to listen to clients’ needs, maintains close personal contact and always makes sure to keep everyone in the loop.

Keith is a member of the Masons and has raised funds for many charities. He enjoys watching horseracing, football and other sports as well as gardening and socialising. Visiting his grandchildren in Portugal is one of his favourite pastimes.

Getting to know Keith better …

  1. What is your favourite childhood memory?
    Visiting my grandmas and granddads.
  2. What was your first job?
    A butcher’s assistant.
  3. What is your favourite film or TV programme?
    The Two Ronnies.
  4. Name two things you dislike most and tell us why.
    I dislike rudeness and people who are untruthful.
  5. Who was your childhood hero? And now?
    My mum.
  6. What are you most likely to do on a day off?