Protecting Your Travels

Increasingly we hear about how holidays and travel have been interrupted by things like natural disasters and strike action. It is natural to worry about what might happen if you don’t have the right travel insurance to cover you for these interruptions and other mishaps that might occur. So when you are planning a trip, or thinking about annual travel insurance, it is good to talk to someone with expert knowledge of the cover available. Someone who will make sure you have a policy that takes in all your concerns and has all the add-ons you need. We offer flexible cover with generous limits from market leading insurers and we’re here to advise you, one to one.

Some of the travel insurance solutions we can tailor to your needs include:

  • Single Trip: Cover for one specific trip. Covers medical expenses and loss or theft of possessions together with a range of optional and flexible added extras.
  • Annual Travel Insurance: Cover for all trips taken within the year. Tailored to the extent of your travels so can be Europe only or worldwide.
  • Winter Sports Cover: Takes in winter pastimes such as skiing and snowboarding and provides the additional cover required for potential accidents associated with winter sports.
  • Adventurous Activities: If you enjoy taking in a spot of bungee jumping, paragliding or quad biking when on holiday, this insurance will provide the added protection you need to cover the risks of adventurous sports.
  • Gap Year Travel: The risks of travelling from country to country are higher so this cover is designed specifically to protect you whether your trips span a few weeks, months or years.
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: Travelling without declaring existing medical conditions is risky. Having them covered is the best way to assure peace of mind that you will be taken care of should an existing condition surface whilst you are away.
  • Mature Travel Insurance: For those over the age of 69, these policies provide the specialist cover needed. They can also be combined with pre-existing medical condition cover.

For clear and tailored advice on your travel insurance needs and a policy that suits your specific travel needs, call us today on 020 8529 3333 or contact Sue Pace.

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