Protecting Your Property

Your business property is crucial to your organisation – from the building you work in to its contents and stock – precisely why material loss or damage forms the cornerstone of any commercial insurance protection policy. But there are other factors to consider under the banner of property insurance, such as issues resulting from loss or damage and subsequent business interruption to name just two. We are here to provide one-on-one advice and tailor property insurance cover to the specific needs of your business.

Some of our property insurance solutions that we can tailor for you include:

  • Material Damage:  This covers damage or loss of physical property such as buildings, contents, stock and other tangible items on your premises.
  • Business Interruption: A physical loss that causes interruption to your business can result in a reduction in turnover. This protection ranges from full reimbursement of a shortfall to the cost of increased expenses.
  • Money: Covers accidental loss of cash, cheques, bank drafts, deposit certificates or any other financial instruments.
  • Engineering Insurance: Plant is usually covered under material damage / consequential loss insurance. But for more specific risks such as breakdown, failure of utilities and fragmentation, this cover could prove highly beneficial.
  • Terrorism: Terrorist attack insurance is not usually included in most standard policies and other policies may state separate limits. But specific cover can be arranged for loss, damage or consequential loss caused by an act of terrorism.
  • Computer: Whilst onsite computer equipment may be insured against material loss or damage, specialist electrical or mechanical breakdown cover will provide greater peace of mind, as will insuring against special risks such as increased costs of working, reinstatement of data, incompatibility of records and consulting engineer fees.
  • Loss of Licence: Cover against loss of profit or drop in sale value resulting from a loss of your trading licence.
  • Portable equipment: Cover for vital business equipment such as laptops, smart phones, cameras and video cameras, printers and projectors whilst off the premises.

Whatever your property insurance needs, peace of mind is just a conversation away. Call us today on 020 8529 3333 or contact our dedicated property insurance broker Gary Atkins.

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