Protecting Your Liability

There is a raft of issues you could find yourself liable for as a business owner and these will vary depending on your particular industry and operation. Part of our personal service commitment is to spend time with you, face to face, so that we can establish the risks you are most likely to face and come up with an insurance solution that will protect your liability in these particular areas. It’s all about arranging the right protection for your business.

Some of our liability insurance solutions that can be tailored for you include:

  • Employers Liability: For when an employee suffers bodily injury or disease in the course of their employment.
  • Public Liability: From a visitor being injured on your premises to an employee damaging clients’ property, this protects you against a range of mishaps.
  • Product Liability: For when a product you have supplied causes personal injury or damages property.
  • Product Recall: Cover for the costs of recalling a product with a potential fault that could cause injury or damage to people or property.
  • Environmental Impairment: For when an action, process, failure or product leads to environmental contamination. This will cover any required clean-up and resulting third party liabilities.
  • Financial Loss: Cover for when an issue arises that results in a third party suffering financial loss.
  • Corporate Legal Liability: Cover against legal defence costs and awards made as a result of allegations of breached duties, for example health and safety, Trading Standards or tax. Also covers financial losses caused by employee dishonesty.

Whatever your liability concerns, we are here to give you peace of mind. Call us today on 020 8529 3333 or contact our dedicated liability insurance broker Carla Preston.

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