The Robert Gerrard Lift Plan Injury Insurance

Specialist Insurance for Lift Industry Key Workers

Robert Gerrard has been a specialist insurance broker to the lift and escalator industry for more than 40 years and serves over 500 businesses and individuals in this sector.

As a company we like to focus on being as helpful as possible to our clients, and we are constantly seeking ways of extending the protection we provide. Lift Plan Injury Insurance is designed specifically to protect lift engineers, consultants, designers and manufacturers and their key workers in the event of an accident forcing them to be signed off work.

Filling a Gap in Cover

Accidents can happen at any time, not just in the workplace. Employer’s liability insurance provides cover for compensation and damages if an employee is injured at work as a result of negligence. It cannot be used to compensate a director however, and would not help if you or a key employee were unable to work because of an accident that happened outside of work.

Affordable Premiums, Crucial Protection

For an affordable annual premium, Lift Plan Injury Insurance provides a range of benefits in the event of you or an employee being forced to halt work either temporarily or permanently due to any type of accident, wherever it happened and regardless of whether negligence was involved.

Major key benefits include:

  • Weekly financial benefits for those unable to work
  • Cash lump sums for serious permanent injuries
  • Legal advice
  • Counselling services
  • Medical and bereavement advice

As an employer, you can choose whether to pass the benefit on to your injured worker and their family, or keep it towards your company’s own costs to replace a key worker.

As with all Robert Gerrard specialist insurance plans, Lift Plan Injury Insurance is provided free from complex small print and backed by personalised advice from your dedicated plan expert.