Liftex 2019 – Save the Date!

Time really does fly and we can’t believe that it’s almost three years since the last Liftex International exhibition took place! So with only three months to go, all Team RG members are looking forward to the next show which opens its doors for two days from 15th to 16th May 2019.
Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber Attack Risks: Time to Double Check You’re Covered

2018 was a busy year for cyber-attacks and data breaches: it’s time to make sure your business doesn’t get caught out in 2019 by checking your policies to ensure you are covered for everything you believe could pose a risk within your business. Remember: cyber crime insurance is NOT usually covered on a commercial combined policy.
Insurance Broker

7 Reasons Why it Pays to use an Insurance Broker

When it comes to insurance, the temptation to arrange a policy online via a comparison site is very real. But the question is: do you really know enough about what you are buying to make sure the cover is right for you or your business? This is where the value of an insurance broker can never be underestimated.
Men's Health

How to Help Improve Men’s Health at Work

The November moustache-growing movement known as Movember has been gaining momentum since it started back in 2003. With its focus on men’s health from both a physical and mental perspective, this is the perfect time for employers to encourage their male workers – and their female colleagues and friends – to start investing time and care into their health and well-being.