Photo Of 3 Suitcases On A Beach Depicting Travel Insurance

Your Travel Insurance: What are you Actually Covered For?

If you are looking forward to a late summer holiday now the schools have started a fresh term, you’ll no doubt be getting all the essentials together for your trip and checking them off as you go. Travel insurance may be one of the items you’ve ticked off, but if that’s because you’ve got cover through your credit card provider, bank or home contents insurer, or because you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), we urge you to pause for thought and check what your policy actually covers you for, because in many cases, it will just about take care of the mere basics.
Photo Of An Insurance Claim Form

Ministry of Justice Reforms: What they Mean for Personal Injury Claimants

You’ve probably heard that changes are afoot when it comes to making personal injury claims. The changes, known in their official capacity as the ‘Ministry of Justice Reforms’, have been brought in to try and combat the compensation culture, to balance legal costs and to help insurers pass on savings through lower premiums. 

Photo Of Tim Nurcombe On The Roof Of The Town Hall

Charity Fundraisers Have a Head for Heights

Usually on a Friday during the summer when we’re asking each other what’s happening at the weekend, there’s talk of family BBQs, a trip to the coast or even some gardening. But last week was different, because when we asked our Tim Nurcombe what he had planned, ‘abseiling down Barking Town Hall’ wasn’t the answer we expected!

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Secure your Home for Summer

It’s certainly lovely weather we’re having! Weekends and evenings out in the garden, having fun with family and friends and watching the kids enjoy the outdoor life for a change. Of course you’ll have all your windows open to try and keep it cool inside, especially at night when it can be difficult to sleep in the heat. Sadly, this is precisely the time of year when opportunistic break-ins increase. Here home contents insurance expert Suzanne Pace offers you some pearls of wisdom to keep your home safe and secure this summer.