Noting An Interest

Noting an Interest on an Insurance Policy: Is it Necessary?

You may remember in the past when arranging your buildings insurance policy being asked if your property was mortgaged. If it was, you would be asked for the lender’s details, and these would be noted as ‘an interest’ on your policy. But have you noticed that the question is rarely, if ever, asked these days? There is a reason for this.
Drones And Insurance

How Drones are Changing the Face of Insurance Claims

Drones have the ability to take high resolution photographs and make aerial surveys. They can provide insurers with in-depth and highly useful information on the condition of a building. Drones are being used across the insurance industry to improve the detail, accuracy and efficiency of building inspections. Let’s delve deeper and find out how drones are proving beneficial to insurance inspectors.
GDPR Data Breach

GDPR Help: When to Report a Data Breach

On 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced, heralding the biggest shake-up in privacy law for two decades. As a business you will already have read plenty about the new regulation, so you’ll be pleased to learn we’re not going to rake over old ground. What we did think would be useful however is to provide you with a few pointers on dealing with data breaches. If you are not sure what counts as a data breach, or what you need to do if you think one has happened, read on for some helpful FAQs.
MOT Test

MOT Test Changes: What you Need to Know

From 20 May 2018 the MOT test changes in England, Scotland and Wales. Stricter rules for diesel cars apply; new defect types are added and certain vehicles over the age of 40 years become exempt. The changes apply to cars, motorcycles, vans and other light passenger vehicles. Here we take a look at the five main categories of change.