Artificial Intelligence In Insurance

The Future of AI in Insurance

Artificial intelligence is expected to alter many facets of the insurance industry, and is already making an impact in many areas. From ultra-tailored policies and pricing based on precise, data-powered risk assessments to automated screening of fraudulent claims, the future seems set to enjoy boosted productivity, more streamlined decision making, lowered costs and an enhanced consumer experience.
Keyless Car Theft

A New Solution to Keyless Car Thefts

Car thefts in England and Wales have hit an eight-year high, with a rise in keyless car crime cited as one of the culprits. Here we recap on the issue of keyless car thefts using signal relaying, and reveal the latest solution to the problem.
Men's Health

How to Help Improve Men’s Health at Work

The November moustache-growing movement known as Movember has been gaining momentum since it started back in 2003. With its focus on men’s health from both a physical and mental perspective, this is the perfect time for employers to encourage their male workers – and their female colleagues and friends – to start investing time and care into their health and well-being.
Mental Health And Insurance

Mental Health and Insurance Cover

The mental health charity Mind has revealed that poor mental health affects half of all employees. In this post we are taking a look at two aspects of mental health, starting with employer liability and workplace mental health, then moving on to how mental ill health can affect access to insurance cover.