Cyber Crime Insurance

The Problem of Cyber-Crime in the Lift Engineering & Construction Industry

We recently explored the subject of business email compromise, a form of cyber-crime. If you decided the topic was not relevant because you don’t run a business reliant on IT systems then we would urge you to read on, because cyber-crime is becoming increasingly prevalent in many industries, including lift engineering and construction.

Meeting a Mountainous Challenge

Last month I received a last minute notification of annual leave from Carla. This time though, it wasn’t for a break by the sea: on the contrary, it was something quite different. Carla had been called up last minute to fill a space on a team headed for a gruelling Highland challenge that would prove most memorable.
A Photo Of A Company Register Under A Magnifying Glass

Risky Business: Protecting Company Directors and Officers from Crippling Claims

Did you know that as a director or officer of a company, you are legally responsible for your actions? That under the Companies Act 2006, there are more than 200 areas of statutory liability you are exposed to? And that failing to act within the remit of the Act could lead to civil or criminal charges for which you could be personally liable and face hefty fines or even imprisonment?

Today’s society is a heavily regulated one, and increasingly litigious too. We’re living in an age where employees are well aware of their rights and not afraid to sue when they feel those rights have been breached. Not to mention how these days industry regulators are more proactive then ever when it comes to investigating complaints against companies.