Email Security

How to Protect Against Business Email Compromise

Cyber-crime that results in bank transfer fraud, data theft and phishing attacks can be devastating for a business, resulting in reputational damage and significant costs in terms not just of lost funds, but in the time and resources needed to repair the damage. But there are ways of reducing the risks. Let's explore them.
Drones And Insurance

How Drones are Changing the Face of Insurance Claims

Drones have the ability to take high resolution photographs and make aerial surveys. They can provide insurers with in-depth and highly useful information on the condition of a building. Drones are being used across the insurance industry to improve the detail, accuracy and efficiency of building inspections. Let’s delve deeper and find out how drones are proving beneficial to insurance inspectors.

It’s Lift-Off for a New Robert Gerrard Specialist Insurance Plan (and Liftex is nearly here!)

We’re all very excited here at Robert Gerrard about the fact that Liftex International 2016 is just a few weeks away now. At the show, we’ll be introducing our two newest specialist insurance plans: Lift Plan Injury Insurance, and Lift Inspection Plan, which we’re going to talk a bit about in this month’s blog. Plus there's an exciting incentive for anyone who wants to refer the new plan!

Could Your Commercial Property be up to 60% Underinsured?

According to the Building Cost Information Service, part of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, almost 80% of commercial properties in the UK could be underinsured by as much as 60%. For a £500,000 property, that could mean a shortfall of £300,000: a very worrying statistic. But what is it that is causing this shortfall? It seems there are two main factors.