Unoccupied Premises – What You Need To Know About Your Insurance

Following the recent measures put in place by the Government in an attempt to stem the spread of the coronavirus, a number of businesses have had to temporarily leave their premises unoccupied.

If this applies to you, you will naturally be wondering about your insurance position. Having requested updates from our various insurance providers, it is apparent that advice varies from one to the next depending on the individual insurer.

We have therefore collated a list of our main providers, with links to their current position on unoccupied premises. This way you can simply choose your insurer from the list, and follow the link to their latest information that is relevant for you.






Hiscox Underwriting


Ergo via Obelisk Underwriting Limited – PDF download

Royal and Sun Alliance

Stephen Lower Insurance Services


If you don’t see your insurer listed above we invite you to contact us for individual advice.

A note about security for unoccupied premises

Police reports and news coverage have revealed a surge in break-ins at commercial sites since the lockdown was put in place. Whilst police forces UK-wide are doing their best to deploy additional night patrols, it remains of vital importance for premises owners to do their utmost to ensure their properties are secure, taking tailored advice from accredited security industry professionals where necessary.

The following general checklist should prove helpful:

  • Always make certain that the likes of intruder alarms, locks and other security measures comply with any warranties set out in your individual insurance policy.
  • Alarms, CCTV and security lighting should be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure full working order.
  • Check locks are fully functional and that doors and windows can be secured. This includes all points of entry including service doors, hatches, roof openings and fire escapes. Never leave keys onsite.
  • Remove valuables and cash from your premises or store them in a fixed, insurance-graded safe that has been regularly serviced.
  • Empty cash registers, fruit machines, jukeboxes and vending machines of cash and leave them open or affix a sign stating that they have been emptied.
  • Keep stock out of sight, ideally in a locked and alarmed room.
  • Safely store anything that could aid entry from the outside, such as refuse receptacles.
  • Consider installing security shutters where planning permission allows.

Team RG – Here to Support You

We’ve put procedures in place to ensure a completely uninterrupted service for all our clients during these challenging times.

If you have any concerns at all about any aspect of your insurance cover you are invited to get in touch with your regular contact.

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