How Your Independent Broker Is Improving Its Service

As an insurance broker trading since 1971, we are proud of our independence and the personal, attentive and fully tailored service we are able to offer our valued clients.

Independence however does bring its challenges. For one thing, it is more difficult to access many of the premium level insurance products that are available to brokers with a nationwide presence. In addition, there is a great deal of time we have to dedicate to administrative and regulatory compliance which, as a smaller broker, means we don’t have as much time as we’d like to dedicate to improving our service.

We therefore made the decision to become part of Broker Network, the UK’s largest network of independent insurance brokers. The organisation focuses on supporting community-based brokers like us to retain independence whilst providing access to exclusive insurance products and administrative support.

As recently upgraded Premier Members of Broker Network, we are able to share a number of valuable benefits with our clients whilst remaining fully independent.

More time for YOU

As an insurance broker, we have to make a significant commitment to ensuring we are compliant with the regulations set down by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This consumes a considerable proportion of our time.

As members of the Broker Network however, much of our administrative and regulatory responsibility is lifted from us and taken care of by a dedicated Broker Network Member Support Team. This has freed up a substantial amount of time from our own team, meaning we can focus a great deal more on taking care of our clients.

Even more competitive premiums

As Broker Network members we are able to access insurance products at even more competitive premiums.

So, depending on your specific requirements and the type of cover required, there is now the opportunity to enjoy even greater value for money and, in some cases, reduced premiums.

Greater choice and improved policy benefits

Thanks to Broker Network’s strong relationships with insurance providers, they are able to open up doors for us to a far more extensive range of insurance products from a variety of respected providers.

Many of these products will offer greater benefits too, again bringing you increased value and even more peace of mind from your policy.

Solutions for unusual or hard to place risks

Broker Network gives us access to solutions via their wider network of underwriters.

This means that even if you present us with something highly specialist that you have struggled to find cover for in the past, we now have a greater chance of being able to assist.

Sometimes a business doesn’t quite fit inside regular insurance criteria. This means it may be rejected altogether, or accepted with a heavily weighted premium, numerous conditions or a substantial excess. For example, high-rise property maintenance; properties of non-standard construction or storage of exceptionally hazardous materials would be considered hard to place risks.

Our Premier Membership of Broker Network means we can provide our clients with access to insurers and underwriters capable of underwriting a number of these unusual and hard to place risks.

What you need to know

We’d like to assure all our clients that as members of Broker Network, all the changes you will experience are, as we’ve outlined above, beneficial.

One other change since becoming Premier Members, another one that will see more of our time freed up to concentrate on our clients, is that Broker Network will become responsible for handling the payments you make for your premiums. So next time you renew your policy or take out a new one, you’ll be asked to make your cheques out to Broker Network Limited. If you pay by bank transfer then there will be new bank details to use which we will of course provide you with.

Please be assured that as ever, your money is as safe as it has always been; in fact even more so as your protection is even further enhanced through Broker Network.

Same faces, same great service

So it’s all good news and, even better, you’ll be pleased to learn that when you call or visit us, you’ll still be greeted by the same familiar faces. Team Robert Gerrard is here to stay and looks forward to continuing to provide you with the same great service that you’re used to.

If you have any questions at all about our membership of Broker Network you are, as always, welcome to contact us. Please feel free to speak to your regular contact or drop them a line any time.