Road Crash Index – How You Can Help Support This Vital Campaign To Reduce Road Deaths

Over 250,000 people have been killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads in the past 10 years: that’s more than 70 people every day. Furthermore, £36 billion is lost in road crashes every year representing 2 per cent of GDP: that’s more than the country spends on GP services and primary schooling combined.

These statistics are unacceptably high, which is precisely why the Road Crash Index was developed. The Index is part of a collaborative campaign between Ageas UK and the Road Safety Foundation. It aims to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads to zero.

Call for Greater Government Investment in Safer Roads

The Road Crash Index is calling for the government to invest more in its Safer Roads Fund. The Fund has the goal of physically improving the safety of our roads courtesy of a £200 million investment each year over the next six years. The Road Crash Index is looking for help in bringing it into the public eye in order to accelerate the campaign to push the Fund.

The Road Crash Index believes that deaths from road traffic accidents should no longer be accepted. Their view is that with the right funding and support, the annual death toll on our roads could be driven down to zero so that road travel becomes as safe as rail or air travel in statistical terms.

Who are the Road Safety Foundation and Ageas?

The Road Safety Foundation (RSF) is a UK based charity set up with the aim of enhancing the safety standards of our roads. Whilst most road traffic accidents can be put down to human error, the results are more often than not determined by the environment of the roads, and the vehicles involved. The RSF is working alongside road authorities to help them be more proactive in managing risk so that they can in turn improve road safety standards.

Ageas UK is an award-winning provider of personal and commercial insurance solutions. More than 5 million people across the United Kingdom benefit from their car, home, travel and business insurance plans. Ageas is the UK’s third largest car insurance provider so it knows very well the impact that road incidents can have on its policyholders, their families, other road users and public services. It’s precisely why they have formed a partnership with the RSF and have worked with them since 2012.

How you can help

Firstly, by visiting, you can discover how safe your local roads are and you’ll have the opportunity to encourage your local MP to support safer roads within your community.

Secondly, if you use social media, you can share the Road Crash Index across the platforms you use to boost awareness and help support the campaign.

You can follow Ageas on Twitter and post using the hashtag #RoadCrashIndex. The same goes for Ageas on Facebook.

You can also follow the Road Safety Foundation on Twitter and help by sharing their Road Crash Index posts.

Please also look out for our own posts on the Road Crash Index and like or share them if you can. This is a very important campaign: anything that helps to reduce road deaths and make our roads safer has to be worth supporting.