The Importance Of Responding To Insurance Renewal Notices

We all lead busy lives, and we all know the importance of safeguarding various aspects of our lives too, which is why we have insurances in place.

We appreciate the peace of mind we get from having cover, whether it’s for our home or business, health, travels or our vehicles. So of course, we wouldn’t want any of that cover to lapse, leaving us potentially open to risk.

Unfortunately though, this can happen if a policy renewal notice is not dealt with. As we said, we all lead busy lives, and it is easy to put things to one side to deal with ‘when we have time’. This can be dangerous though, as time has a habit of flying by, and before we know it, important dates have passed.

A cautionary tale about insurance renewals

At Robert Gerrard we send out our insurance renewal notices in good time, and we take a proactive approach to following them up if we don’t receive a response: we would never want any of our customers to be without cover after all. Most of the time this does the trick, and policies are renewed on time. But on one occasion recently, I started to become most concerned when numerous attempts to contact a long term customer who had failed to respond to their motor insurance renewal proved futile.

Letters, emails and telephone calls bore no fruit, and I was growing increasingly worried as the renewal date grew ever closer. With just days to go before the cover lapsed, I decided to take evasive action and pay a visit to the customer’s house in my lunch break.

I immediately saw that the car in question was still parked outside the customer’s house, however there was no answer at the door. Knowing that the car was still in the customers’ possession, I thought it best to take the decision to renew the cover. I left a letter at the house explaining what I’d done.

A few days later the customers responded: they had been away on holiday. And they were very grateful that we hadn’t allowed the cover to lapse!

“I just wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am for all your help with our car insurance yesterday. You really went beyond the call of duty when you came to deliver a letter to our house when you were unable to reach us by phone and email and we are very grateful to you for ensuring that our insurance didn’t lapse.” Jacqui and Howard Hillier-Daines.

What would have happened if the motor insurance cover had lapsed?

If the vehicle was uninsured and was picked up by a police ANPR camera, it could have been seized, even just whilst parked on the drive. If the car had been stolen, there would have been no cover to replace it. If it had been damaged anonymously, the owners would have had to cover the cost of the repairs themselves.

The moral of the story therefore is this: if you are going to be away when any of your insurances are due to expire, let us know so that we renew them on your behalf in your absence.

We are always happy to do whatever it takes to make sure our customers have the insurance cover they need, and I and any of my colleagues would not hesitate to repeat what we did on this occasion. But of course it would be better all-round if we didn’t have to!