We’re all very excited here at Robert Gerrard about the fact that Liftex International 2016 is just a few weeks away now. As well as the unique opportunity that only comes but once every three years to experience first-hand the warm Robert Gerrard hospitality (and no doubt a warm drink to go with it), there’s also a two-day seminar programme to take advantage of which includes talks on modernising lifts for firefighters’ use, how the new British Standard will work in lift design and debunking myths around lift access issues.

We’re on stand A10 in the exhibition hall so please feel free to drop by and say hello. You can register here, or drop us a line and we’ll register you.

LEIA Liftex International

At the show, we’ll be introducing our two newest specialist insurance plans: Lift Plan Injury Insurance, and Lift Inspection Plan, which we’re going to talk a bit about in this month’s blog.

Lift Inspection Plan

Wherever there is a lift, there is a legal duty to make sure it is safe. The legislation that applies here is the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) and the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

In order to stay on the right side of the law, anyone responsible for the operation of a lift must ensure the equipment undergoes thorough periodic examinations by a Competent Person. For passenger lifts, these examinations are needed twice a year, and for other types of lifting equipment, once a year. The examinations are not the same as routine lift maintenance: they are required in addition to this, and failure to comply could lead to fines as well as prosecution.

The Robert Gerrard Lift Inspection Plan has been designed to meet the necessary legislative requirements. It provides the required periodic examinations by a UKAS accredited Competent Person together with the required reports. It takes away the worry and hassle of making all the arrangements, and ensures that the Competent Person meets the legal guidelines set down by the Health and Safety Executive. To find out more and for a quote, please get in touch.

Refer for Rewards!

Do you know a lift owner who could benefit from the Robert Gerrard Lift Inspection Plan? By passing on their details, providing they go ahead and sign up for the plan, you could earn yourself a gift voucher. So if you have anyone in mind, please let us know!

Useful Lift Inspection Resources

We’ve found some useful resources that you may wish to read if you need to find out more about the duties of lift owners:

HSE Simple Guidance for Lift Owners

This guide explains what is meant by and involved in a ‘thorough examination’, the role of the duty holder, an explanation of the ‘Competent Person’ and how to keep the required records.

Thorough Examination of Lifting Equipment – a Simple Guide for Employers

A guide for employers and the self-employed who provide lifting equipment for use at work, or those in control of the use of lifting equipment.

HSE Advice on Passenger Lifts and Escalators

Further detail on the duties and responsibilities of those who operate lifts, escalators and moving walkways, and stair lifts provided as work equipment for use by employees.