Further Cementing The Security Of Lift Plan As ACE Acquires Chubb

Robert Gerrard’s Lift Plan is specifically designed for workers and businesses in the lift and escalator industry, and currently protects more than 400 companies and sole traders in this specialist sector.

Lift Plan is underwritten by ACE European Group Limited and is a highly regarded, longstanding scheme offering numerous benefits to policyholders, not least of which is the quality of its insurer and the security it provides as a result.

This security is further boosted by the recent announcement that on 14th January 2016, ACE Limited acquired The Chubb Corporation, creating a worldwide insurance leader that will operate under the Chubb name.

The World’s Largest Property and Casualty Insurer

With Chubb’s operations spanning some 54 countries, the acquisition has made the underwriter behind Lift Plan the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer.

A press release stated, “The new Chubb brand stands for superior underwriting, service and execution – attributes shared by both ACE and Chubb,” and a statement on the new Chubb website says, “Our commitment to excellence in claims means that the individuals, families and businesses trusting us to protect them can do so with confidence.”

Positive Changes

The new global insurance leader will operate under the Chubb name and will continue the commitment, always associated with ACE, to providing the very best insurance cover and service.

All current ACE policies will remain in place, so if you are a Lift Plan policyholder there will be no immediate changes, and certainly no disruption to cover. We will of course keep you informed as things progress later in the year, but rest assured the news is all very positive.

Further Protection

ACE European Group Limited is also the underwriter behind our Lift Plan Injury Insurance, a product that provides protection in situations where staff are unable to work because they have been injured in an accident. The policies are designed to fill a gap that employer’s liability insurance does not cover. If you haven’t done so already, it really is worth asking us for a quote, and you can read more about the cover in this previous post.

If you are not already protected by the Robert Gerrard Lift Plan, please get in touch for a quote tailored to your individual needs.