Personal Injury Claims: Why Rehabilitation Is A Service To Seek Out From Your Insurer

When there is an accident on business premises or on the road, parties injured through no fault of their own will usually receive a compensation payout. Financial support is essential for those injured to assist with recovery, any care required ongoing, home adaptations and of course to cover loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses.

As a holder of employer’s liability, public liability or motor insurance, you will of course expect injured parties making a claim to receive such financial support by way of a compensation cheque. But there is something else you could greatly benefit from as a policyholder, and that is a rehabilitation service.

A service to look out for

Whilst it is not a requirement for insurers to offer a rehabilitation service, a number of them do, and there are numerous reasons why you should be looking out for it.

One such insurer we work with here at Robert Gerrard is Allianz. Over the past ten years they have developed their rehabilitation service and now have their own team of physiotherapists, nurses, clinical practitioners and occupational therapists.

When a case involving a personal injury is brought to their attention, the rehabilitation team will get in touch with the injured party to talk through their injury and if necessary arrange an assessment so they can determine whether additional treatment would be beneficial. If it is decided that treatment will reduce the recovery time, or enhance independent living, then a decision will be made to proceed.

The Rehabilitation Code

The rehabilitation team follows the Rehabilitation Code which is designed to promote the use of rehabilitation and early intervention in the compensation process. They will intervene in injuries that come to their attention, either as part of an actual injury claim or even before one is made. For example where a road traffic accident has led to a claim for vehicle damage, they will make enquiries as to whether there were any injured parties as a result of the accident.

The benefits of such a service, both for injured parties and for policyholders, are many.

Benefits for policyholders

Whilst there are of course costs involved in providing rehabilitation treatment, it will lead to savings on the cost of the claim. For example, where an injured party is able to return to work in a shorter timeframe, there will be a lower damages claim. Early intervention will usually lessen the severity of an injury, so there will be less long term care costs involved. Claims that take less time to settle command lower administration costs. And in some cases, injured parties may decide not to bring a claim at all, having already been assisted by the rehabilitation service.

As an employer yourself you are more likely to get your injured employee back at work in a shorter time frame, reducing contingency recruitment and training costs and reinstating the efficiency that was in place before the accident.

Benefits for Injured Parties

Studies have shown that once someone has been off work for more than six months, the chance of them returning is just 50%. After 12 months this drops to between just 10% and 25%. Support via rehabilitation can help reduce the likelihood of psychological problems occurring, meaning the injured party will be more likely to return to work. Early intervention, where there is as little delay as possible between the injury occurring and treatment starting, is known to effectively bolster chances of recovery and quality of life. For example, back or neck injuries left untreated will usually worsen and left for long enough could even lead to a need for surgery. Early physiotherapy will often nip the pain in the bud before it becomes a real issue and causes mobility issues.

Of course all of these benefits for injured parties translate as benefits for policyholders.

Insurance Cover with Rehabilitation Services

If you are looking at taking out or renewing a motor, employer’s liability or public liability insurance policy, and can see the clear benefits that rehabilitation has to offer, please feel free to talk to us about finding you an insurer that incorporates such a service into its cover.