For the past few months Robert Gerrard has been quietly undergoing something of a makeover. Not only do we now have a new look, but we’ve taken time to stand back and re-evaluate our business so we can clearly see where our strengths lie and how we can use those strengths to better help the people we serve.

With the help of branding and design consultants, Acumen Design, we’ve achieved a cracking new website which we feel truly expresses who we are and what we have to offer our highly valued clients and business referrers.

But more than this, thanks to an objective set of eyes, we’ve been able to clarify our core values and coax out new service areas and specialist plans that we already had the expertise to offer, but perhaps did not realise. When you’ve been in business for almost four decades, it’s sometimes difficult to see where you are without taking a step back and having an unbiased opinion catapulted at you, which is precisely what happened to us. And it was a good thing!

So here we are with our new look website, our collection of specialist insurance plans which we’ve worked hard to tailor to specific and complex industry needs, and our blog which we hope you will enjoy and follow. Your feedback is important to us so please leave a comment and let us know what you think, or email us if you prefer. We really appreciate your input, thank you!