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Robert Gerrard – insuring your piece of mind

Insuring Your Peace of Mind

Robert Gerrard is a straight talking, reliable and long-standing family-run insurance brokerage where you’ll experience a truly personal, face to face service from friendly, helpful advisers with specialist knowledge.

We are genuine, hard-working people who are here to help with all your insurance needs. We’ve developed our knowledge through decades of hands-on experience in the insurance industry and we’d like to become ‘your insurer’ for everything you need to protect – for your business, for your family and for you. Every piece of cover we arrange is tailored to the individual. Our policies come from some of the world’s best insurers and our rates are competitive. We look forward to speaking to you and to helping you with your insurance needs.

Our Insurance Plans


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Lift Plan Liability Insurance


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Let’s Celebrate as Robert Gerrard & Co. Turns 40!

It’s winter 1976. Britain has not long cooled down after a record breaking 22 days of blistering summer sunshine. Petrol is 77p a gallon, a pint sets you back 32p and it’s 19p for a loaf of bread. Over in North Chingford, a new company had started up. A company that is now about to celebrate its 40th anniversary! Here we chart the story of the North Chingford insurance broker that has gone from strength to strength, from typewriters to email, and has retained some very long serving loyal staff along the way.Read More

Is Your Motor Insurance at Risk Because of Poor Eyesight?

The importance of making sure your eyesight is of a standard approved by the DVLA for driving cannot be over-emphasised, especially as it could render your motor insurance invalid if it is not, and land you with a prosecution, a fine, possible points on your licence and in some cases, disqualification from driving. Not to mention of course the danger you could be putting yourself and other road users under. How is your eyesight? Have you had it checked recently?Read More

Meeting a Mountainous Challenge

Last month I received a last minute notification of annual leave from Carla. This time though, it wasn’t for a break by the sea: on the contrary, it was something quite different. Carla had been called up last minute to fill a space on a team headed for a gruelling Highland challenge that would prove most memorable.Read More